Mini Fridge Price In Bangladesh

Mini Fridge Price In Bangladesh

A good refrigerator at home is a must have kitchen appliance to store dairy products, eggs and leftovers. Many types of refrigerators; from large refrigerators to moderate and mini fridges. If you have small space or less storage and want to avoid much cost, a mini fridge is a perfect solution for you. If you are looking for a new mini fridge for you, here are some of our best picks. In this article, we will discuss about mini fridge price in Bangladesh. Store your food products in the best refrigerator available at a reasonable price in Bangladesh. 

Mini fridges are smaller than regular fridges and can be placed in small spaces and have a number of benefits with a variety of features. 

Why are Mini Fridges Becoming Popular in Bangladesh?

Mini fridges are getting constantly popular in Bangladesh due to their multiple benefits over large fridges. They are more compact and smart and can be fitted at narrow spaces. So they are the best option for small kitchens and bedrooms and for students as well. One can store enough food for small families and it is easier to move from one place to another. These kitchen appliances come in a variety of sizes and styles, you can choose your favorite to suit your needs. Mini fridges are cheaper than regular and large fridges and easy to keep clean.

Another most important advantage of mini fridges over large fridges is that they are energy efficient using less energy and save energy bills. 

Features of Mini Fridge 

Mini fridges has some great features which includes:

  • They are small and compact types of refrigerators.
  • They are energy efficient and have better performance.
  • They have different separate shelves for drinks, food and cooler compartments.
  • They feature a USB port to charge devices.
  • They come in different designs, sizes and colors.
  • They have adjustable temperature settings and have a capacity of around 1 to 2 cubic feet.

Mini Fridge Price in Bangladesh

Mini fridges are very affordable kitchen appliances that are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Below is a list of mini fridges at best prices in Bangladesh. The list ranges from the lowest (Bangladeshi taka) Tk 9,000 to highest Tk 22,000.

  • Conion Refrigerator BE 121: ৳19,500
  • Conion Refrigerator BE 65 ODR: ৳12,200
  • Conion Refrigerator BE 87: ৳15,900
  • Whirlpool Refrigerator 115W-Atom/MR-101: ৳19,500

The smallest mini fridge is the Sanyo Mini Fridge that is almost under 12 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 8 inches deep. Its price is almost Tk 12,000. The Haier HFX-102US Mini Fridge around Tk 16,000.


Talking about mini fridge price in Bangladesh, it ranges in between almost ৳ 9,00 and ৳ 22,000. Recently mini fridges became increasingly popular among Bangladeshi masses due to its multiple benefits of energy efficiency, low cost and requiring small space. Also you can store enough grocery items to handle a small family. Choose your best mini fridge from our top picks. 

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