LaurynCakes Utah Fashion And Beauty Blog

LaurynCakes Utah Fashion And Beauty Blog

If you are a fashionista or beauty enthusiast, you would have come across many all-in-one fashion and beauty blogs. LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog is one of such blogs. It is an ideal place where you can find the hottest fashion and modern trends, style of inspiration, and advice presented in a friendly way.

As lifestyle professionals, we appreciate the quality and descriptions of every blog post of LaurynCakes. She puts a lot of effort to share her eye-catching outfits and well crafted makeup ideas with her readers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at LaurynCakes Utah Fashion or Beauty blog. Stay with us!

Who is LaurynCakes?

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, professionally known as LaurynCakes, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and social media influencer from Utah, US. She started her blog in 2012 and spent almost 8+ years growing her blog, LaurynCakes. At Brigham Young University, she grew it into a thriving platform with her unique sense of style, beauty and down-to-earthness.

Her focus is on boosting fashion, beauty, adventure and wellness with the newest tricks and hacks. She plans to promote love through her creativity and exploring the world with celebration of diverse cultures that makes people happy.

LaurynCakes Utah Fashion And Beauty Blog

LaurynCakes is a fashion and lifestyle blog on the internet owned by LaurynCakes who is a social media influencer in Utah. The blog is popular for its engaging and informative content including many makeup tutorials, latest beauty products reviews, dress styles and travel destinations. Her writing style is so unique and approachable that readers plunge into a world of chatters. Her blog has everything that a person can ask for. Her personality shines through her authentic and engaging writings. LaurynCakes shares her passion for beauty and fashion and tips to travel on her blog. Visit her blog to enjoy her content, writing style, lifestyle hacks and informative true stories. 

Content of LaurynCakes Blog

The content of LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog has a variety of subjects like, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel. The blog features informative content including reviews, tutorials, articles and products. It is a source of inspiration from LaurynCakes influencer.  


LaurynCakes is a leading source of hottest fashion trends like street style, ideal makeup looks, radiant skin. There are many lessons and tutorials are present for how to use cosmetics, how to get a bright clear skin, how to create professional hairstyles with different hair lengths; short, long, curly, median or straight hair.


LaurynCakes shares a variety of beauty related content on her lifestyle beauty blog including, how to follow skincare recommendations, which cosmetics to choose and products reviews and grooming equipment. It helps you in selecting the right beauty products and tools for skincare care as well as offers critiques of the newest cosmetics.


This area of LaurynCakes consists of a wide range of topics: interior design, wellness, personal growth, mental well-being and tips on how to maintain your health through a balanced diet. You can find LaurynCakes’ guidance and recommendations related to healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to get inspired by LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog by reading its fashion and lifestyle content. Try to live your best life!


LaurynCakes is offering many destination reviews, food planning at various locations and tours to bustling metropolis and stunning beaches. Lauryn creates an authentic connection with readers and makes them begin the travel journey together. This section includes topics related to fun at far off destinations like swimming at beautiful beaches, hiking for wildflowers in Utah and other winter and summer activities.


LaurynCakes blog features a shop section for visitors to buy her favorite fashion and beauty products and other dressing items from her clothing line. Everyday she comes with a new beauty product and wardrobe. Shop her favorite beauty products today.

What Makes LaurynCakes Lifestyle Blog Worth Reading?

The blog is worth reading for a number of reasons. First and foremost, her content is very informative and researched based and a genius style of writing. Her blog posts are very relatable and she communicates with her readers through her writing. She cares about her audiences. 

Secondly, she is a fashion and beauty passionate lady who always works to inspire others through her fashion wardrobe selection and opting for beauty products. Third, she aims at sharing messages of self-love and positivity and highlighting the social issues. Lastly, her blog contains her many personal anecdotes and observations for fashion, beauty, travel and wellness. That’s why LaurynCakes’ blog is a worth-reading blog.  

Empowering Local Brands

LaurynCakes has committed to support local brands and designers and promote emerging fashion talents for those who want to express themselves. She gathers many audiences through promoting beauty brands, fashion boutiques and creating a sense of community in the fashion industry.

Building a Fashion Community

LaurynCakes has built a supportive and engaging community of fashionistas by encouraging her followers in discussions, collaborations and interaction at her social media platforms. She has created a space where individuals share their personal fashion and beauty experiences and also seek advice from like-minded individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog?

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick created this blog in 2012. She is professionally known as LaurynCakes and a social media influencer and fashion blogger in Utah.

Which topics do LaurynCakes blog cover?

LaurynCakes lifestyle blog covers a variety of topics including, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, wellness and shop. On these topics, many tutorials, articles, reviews and suggestions are available on the site.


LaurynCakes Utah fashion and beauty blog is a must read blog for all individuals who like fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle content. She created this enjoyable blog through her new approachable writing style and eye-catching content. It is a good destination for spotting newest fashion trends and newly branded beauty products. 

She is the one who encourages women to embrace their new sense of fashion style and beauty and has collaborated with local and small brands to boost their audiences. This blog transforms perceptions and celebrates the creativity in Utah’s fashion countryside.

If you are a beauty or fashion enthusiast, do visit her blog and read Lauryn’s engaging content.

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