Lace Gown Styles For Ladies

Lace gown styles for ladies are one of the most important trends for all occasions. In this article, we will take a closer look at different lace gown styles for women.

Lace styles are one of the most popular designs among women particularly Nigerian ladies. Dress with proper lace styles looks beautiful and magnificent. Fashion designers have added the latest lace style to gowns that are presented on many occasions. In addition to every woman who wants a lace style wardrobe, Nigerian ladies prefer to wear lace style gowns at different festivals. 

Lace fabrics are versatile and valued for their beauty, ability to create an elegant look and intricate designs. These are very suitable for wearing on special occasions including weddings, ceremonies and burials. These can be used to create multiple styles such as formal, modern, traditional and contemporary. They can also be paired with other fabrics to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Women often wear Ebi gowns, Owambe gowns and date outfits on every occasion including weddings, parties and other merriment events such as dating with loved ones. The most popular colors of lace gowns are white, yellow, black and green. The overall look of lace styles depends upon the blending with other fashion accessories such as necklaces, shoes, head wraps and handbags. 

Best Lace Gown Styles For Ladies

Below are given the latest Lace gown styles for ladies.

1. White Lace Free Gown Styles

White lace are Boubou styles usually worn at different occasions and receptions. With other fashion accessories, they are designed in their best way and elegance. Boubou gowns are best to bring comfort good for pregnant women due to their freestyle. You can make your parties a memorable event.

2. Lace Asoebi Gown styles for ladies

Asoebi gown has become a must modern day style for Nigerian ladies to attend every traditional event and other occasions. Add this Asoebi gown style into your dress style that we believe will thrill you.  

3. Short Lace Gown Styles for Women

This type of style is a formal fashionable dress for weddings and traditional events in Nigeria. Short gown styles are a great way to show sexiness to their look. 

4. Off Shoulder Lace Gown Styles for Ladies

Off Shoulder gown styles are best suitable for Owambe parties to show uniqueness. These types of styles are exciting to wear and they are available in all types of body sizes and colors. 

Off shoulder lace gowns have straps that are below the shoulders revealing the collar bones. This adds a touch of femininity and elegance.

5. Cord Lace Gown Styles

Cord Lace style is recognized by their detailed patterns giving it a unique appearance. These detailed patterns are in the form of floral motifs, geometric and abstract patterns.

Cord lace gown styles are created with various styles of traditional or classical and modern designs. Pair this style with other fashion accessories to create elegance.

6. Latest Ankara Lace Gown Styles for Ladies

Ankara lace style is a style of clothing with traditional and modern Nigerian and African designs, colors and patterns known as Ankara patterns. It is a fashion of creativity with the new combination of different styles. Try out this popular Nigerian fashion style best suitable for young ladies.

7. Net Lace Gown Styles for Ladies

A net lace is a gown style where the fabric has small fine holes mesh-like patterns giving the dress a delicate and transparent appearance. THis type of gown is used to create a romantic look to add a sexiness and elegant style. To create an extra fashionable look, net lace styles are adorned with different embroidery and beads.

8. Slit Lace Gown Styles

A slit lace style features a front slit, satin belt and a line silhouette that are suitable for any event and ceremonies. This type of lace styles are very delicate and comfortable for any woman adding a touch of femininity and delicacy. 

Lace Bubu Gown styles

Bubu gowns are boubou gowns that are very close to men’s kaftan. The gowns are sewn by using cord lace materials and the portions are blended or padded with cotton, chiffon fabrics and silk materials. It looks similar to abaya gowns that is why it can be easily mistaken. 

White Lace Gown Styles

White color is a popular color that everyone wants and likes the most. This is due to its association with innocence and purity. White lace gowns feature intricate designs and different fabric patterns to create a fascinating look. This style can be easily worn on every occasion however, the traditionalism and sophistication depends upon the occasion and context. Add this lace gown style to your list of best lace gown styles for ladies of Africa or Nigerians.

Fashion Accessories for Lace Gown styles

For elegance and femininity, there are various fashion accessories that magnify the beauty of designs and patterns. Fashion accessories include wristwatches, necklaces, hand bags and purses, eyelashes and earrings and fingernails. 


If you are preparing for a wedding or date with your loved one, these latest lace gown styles are great ideas for you. These all are the beautiful lace gown styles for ladies with traditional, formal, modern and contemporary patterns. These styles are the hottest and trending styles in Nigeria. 

We hope you would like all the lace gown styles for creating a romantic and elegant look. We update this list day by day with the latest trends. If you have queries related to these gown styles, you can ask us in the comment section.

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