GoDaddy Website Builder review (2022): the most basic service to create your website

GoDaddy Website Builder

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is an American company primarily specializing in web hosting. Sometimes controversial because of its positions on the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or hacks that made several thousand users’ accounts public, the platform remains a famous name on the market for tools to create its website.

The company continued its diversification activities and now offers a “website builder” system to create a website quickly without technical skills. However, the competition in the field is fierce and it is a question of seeing if the company has managed to put its long experience to use to create a tool that can stand up to specialists in the field.

GoDaddy Website Builder: Getting Started

Once you use GoDaddy Email Login, the process will start by asking for the site’s category and its name in order to prepare the first elements to populate it. Because if, unlike other platforms of the genre, it does not select themes related to our choice, it populates your future site with images according to its category and will also use it to decide which images to recommend to us later and define the main colors, which will, of course, be modifiable if necessary

After these first steps, it is possible to choose a theme, which is closer to a choice of arrangement of elements than to a real distinctive design.

GoDaddy Website Builder: Personalization

Pages and Sections

To modify the site, the user has access to an editor with a live preview of the modifications. Unfortunately, the menus take up too much space for the preview to be pleasant: between the large menu on the right for the modifications, the menu at the very top which offers to publish the site, the banner at the bottom which pushes to subscribe, the screen is overloaded with information that is not always relevant. It is complicated to see more than one section of our site at the same time during the modification, which deprives us of an overall vision. You can also get a preview of the site (desktop and mobile versions) outside the editor, but the same problem arises with a preview limited to a small element on a page instead of being a full page.

Once the theme has been chosen, it is possible to modify its colors, its main and secondary font, and the shape of the buttons. A menu also allows you to choose the page you want to modify, and changes when you click on an element to deploy the available options. The proposals for customizing the section are often few but sufficient to suit most cases. However, it is impossible to create your own section from scratch by populating it yourself with elements: at most, it is possible to enter your own HTML code, which will not allow you to go very far in terms of customization.

Other modifications available include accent color, and alignment of elements but also texts and images if it lends themselves to the genre of the section. It is also possible to duplicate, move, add and delete sections within a page. In some parts of the site, it is possible to click on a particular element, which is individually configurable. However, it is not possible to add an element of our choice, but simply to duplicate an already present one. Customization is limited to a strict minimum, which may be suitable for people wishing to create a site very quickly without bothering with the design but it will be more blocking if you have specific needs.

Online store and blog

Among the available sections, GoDaddy offers the addition of a blog and an online store. After choosing from the three possible layouts for displaying articles, we find all the basic options on the dashboard: put a featured image, create a category, schedule or publish the article, and format the text. It is also possible to add an image, a video, or a separator line within the article, but nothing allows you to add intertitles. At most, we can enlarge a text, which de facto becomes an H4, which is good neither for accessibility nor for SEO. The tool is quite disappointing and does not deserve that we dwell on it for a long time.

As for the online store part, you will have few choices on the presentation of your products, the only possible modification being the number of columns on PC and on mobile. GoDaddy sells both physical and digital products, and adding more is easy and instinctive. We find in the dashboard all the options regarding payment, shipping, product categories, or orders. If the platform could probably meet some limits to manage huge online stores, it seems to be more than enough for small businesses.

GoDaddy Website Builder: The Offers

Individuals, freelancers, and small businesses

The “site creation tool” side is only part of the services offered by the company, the site being more specialized in hosting and domain name management. It is possible to pay annually or monthly, the annual rate allowing you to save a few deniers. There are two offers for individuals and small businesses:

The so-called “basic” offer, at $6.99/month is suitable for purely personal use since you will be entitled to an SSL certificate, a personalized domain, a site adapted to mobile phones, a PayPal button, and the possibility for your visitors to request appointments online, you will not have access to SEO tools.

A “standard” offer, at $10.49/month, gives access to SEO and more marketing possibilities during the month.

Premium and Ecommerce

The “premium” offer, at $13.99/month, allows you to send 25,000 promotional emails per month, send appointment reminders by email and SMS, receive alerts by SMS for new you, and to accept online payments for services. Not e-commerce strictly speaking, since only the sale of services is available with this subscription, which will be sufficient depending on your field of activity.

An “Ecommerce” offer, at $14.99/month, adds the possibility of adding product lists, managing shipping, creating your online store, and taking care of all that is promotions and stocks.

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